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Marketing that has Produced OVER 15,000 Stem Cell Cases in Seven Years for Practices


R3 Stem Cell Marketing was developed as the brainchild of David Greene, MD, MBA. After leaving his orthopedic practice over 10 years ago, he owned a pain practice that achieved 80% patient acquisition from web marketing. The methods developed led to the formation of US Lead Network digital medical marketing, and Dr. Greene also has written two books on healthcare internet marketing.


As the reputation of the company expanded, numerous practices requested regenerative medicine marketing. As this marketing involves patient acquisition that is not insurance based, the methods expanded and R3 Stem Cell was born.


The company has expanded into five teams, which includes an endgame focus on patients through the door. Dr. Greene has incorporated proprietary methods that worked for his own practice, along with the tens of practices R3 Stem Cell works with. The statistics are able to show a substantial ROI, especially considering that regenerative treatments have an excellent margin!


Dr. Greene has just published the second version of his book, Healthcare Internet Marketing. The book details a lot of the methods the R3 Stem Cell team uses to help acquire patients for practices. What becomes apparent in the book is just how complicated patient acquisition online can be. In order to minimize the cost per acquisition for stem cell patients, clients come to R3 Stem Cell Marketing so that customized solutions can be created.

As you may know, marketing for stem cell therapy patients is very different than seeking insurance based patients. This is because these treatments are expensive, and patients need to come out of pocket for them with no 100% guarantee of success.

With over 15,000 cases generated in seven years, R3 Stem Cell knows how to make your practice marketing a success. Call us now!


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