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Top Notch Marketing Services by R3 Stem Cell

R3 Stem Cell knows that marketing for regenerative medicine involves a combination of inbound and outbound marketing. A lot of people in the community actually do not know that stem cell therapy exists! For those that do, because stem cell therapy is competitive it will often entail an exceptional web presence and retargeting to show the prospect who he or she should schedule with!


In addition, R3 Stem Cell knows that what works in one metro area may fail in another. So we test our campaigns to optimize performance and maximize your number of new patients.


Not everything involves online marketing. We can implement seminars in your area as well, along with testimonial videos that are professionally produced inexpensively.


So R3 utilizes a broad range of acquisition mediums such as (roll over each for more information):

Organic SEO

Pay Per Click on Google/Bing/Yahoo



Facebook Advertising

Video Marketing


Press Releases

Live Chat

Answering Service and Outbound Calling



In addition, R3 Stem Cell has multiple IRB approved studies that practices can participate in if desired.


R3 offers the most comprehensive array of marketing available and will customize the options necessary based on both practice desire and needs. Call us today for a complimentary consultation with our Founder and CEO, David Greene, MD, MBA!